If you don’t know, ‘destash’ is a fancy word used in the online beauty community to refer to ‘getting rid of stuff that you don’t use.’  I’ve destashed stuff before, but this post chronicles stuff I had a really hard time letting go of for whatever reason.





  • LORAC Pro to Go Palette blushes in Pink, Coral: I’ve had this palette for a couple of years but I’ve never worn these blushes outside the house.  I look like a clown with them on – the coral looks neon on me, and the pink is a barbie pink that makes me look like I’m trying wayyyy too hard to look like Nicki Minaj (and not in a good way).  I de-potted the Bronze shade (a bronzer that I use as an eyeshadow) a long time ago, and  I also de-potted a few eyeshadows I like, but I’m going to give this away.
  • NARS Blush in Orgasm: This was one of my earliest purchases from Sephora, almost three years ago now.  I got the Orgasm/Laguna blush/bronzer duo because I read that both shades were “universal” “classics,” but nothing could be further for the truth.  The blush is both far too bright of a coral/pink on my skin and takes forever to make it show up on my skin.  The glitter in it also emphasizes my pores.  The blush also developed ‘hard pan,’ which is part of what requires really digging into the pan and using multiple layers to get it to show up on my skin.  I’ve also since depotted Laguna – it’s more like a highlighter on me, not a bronzer!  Lesson learned: don’t fall for the hype about “universal” products.

Lip Products


  • NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel: Much like many other products on this list, I got this a couple of years ago and have never worn it out of the house.  I’m impressed by the formula – it is super pigmented and stays put pretty well, but this is a bright unnatural purple that I will simply never wear, something that it took me a while to accept!
  • Not pictured, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom: I gave this to my mom a few months ago because we were at Sephora and had picked out this lipstick (in the Vice formulation which is pretty much the same thing)!  I have so many berry/plum-toned lipsticks anyway, and I’m glad to give it to someone who will use it more than I do.

Cream Eyeshadows



Top to bottom: Bobbi Brown Suede, Laura Mercier Moonlight, Maybelline Bad to the Bronze

  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze: I’ve tried to make this work soooo many times.  You can see how much I’ve used too.  But I’m incredibly fed up with it, in part because of all the hype the Color Tattoos get, especially this shade – it’s not dark skin-friendly at all.  First of all, it’s not bronze.  It’s more of a pewter color and can even look silvery because of all the lighter shimmer in it!  It’s too cool-toned, it’s too glittery, and it makes my lids look way too dry and wrinkly unless I use just the tiniest bit.  The glitter even makes it look like I have white eyeshadow on in photos.  I’m mad at myself for not passing this on much earlier.
  • Laura Mercier Caviar Stick mini in Moonlight: I got this mini as part of a gift set, and while I generally love the Caviar sticks, this is too glittery and too light for me.  I wish the Caviar Sticks would come out in more midtone shades – there are a lot of darker and lighter shades, but not that many in the middle.
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Suede: This is something else I tried to make work for a really long time, but it’s simply not working for me.  I wanted it to be a brown taupe on me that I could use as a one-and-done neutral eyeshadow, but it’s too cool-toned and looks basically gray on me – it clashes really badly with the yellow in my skin.  Powders don’t really stick on top so I can’t even use it as a base for other eyeshadow colors, and it also makes my eyelids look dry and crepey.  I’ve learned my lesson, which is that “taupe” eyeshadows basically end up looking gray on me.