What’s something I don’t wear often, especially in the summer, and when I do, I use a very little bit?  Foundation.

What’s something I accumulated multiples of this past month?  Foundation.


Sephora had a surprise sale at the end of the June, and I ended up getting a small size of the May Coop Raw Sauce, and the Stellar Foundation in S14.  The Raw Sauce is alright, but I probably wouldn’t repurchase.  The Stellar Foundation is great and an amazing match for me straight out of the bottle – something I have never ever found before.  Total: $40.28.



Then I went out of town for a weekend, went shopping, and got suckered into the Dior counter at Nordstrom.  The sales ladies were so nice and helpful and matched me to another foundation that matched me straight out of the bottle.  I was excited to have a second match straight out of the bottle and–very atypically for me–ended up getting this very expensive foundation that’s probably the only luxury brand item I have.  Total: $53.00.



Then the Nordstrom anniversary sale happened, and I got the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set in Tribulation (Neutral).  However, the swatches on the website were very wrong, because I absolutely hated all of them because they were all far too light/white/bright on me, so I’m going to return it.  Total: $0.00.

I also returned the Urban Decay blush I bought for my birthday in June, because it just wasn’t working for me, either in terms of color or formula.  Total: ($17.42), bringing the total for the month to $75.86.  Again, this is far too much spent in a month when I didn’t even have plans to buy anything and when I didn’t actually need anything I bought.  That being said, I am satisfied with these purchases.  I don’t have much left in my budget for this year, so I’m going to try to save for fall/holiday sales and new items that will undoubtedly come out then.