June was my birthday month, so I went a little crazy, but I bought less makeup and more stuff I actually need than I would have if I weren’t keeping track.

First, I bought a couple of sale items from Sephora and picked up my birthday gift and a few good point perks and samples, for a total of $43.02.  I opted for the skincare gift because the Tarte lipstick and blush seemed like they wouldn’t show up on my skintone.  The Korres body butters are mildly disappointing because they don’t sink into the skin that easily, but they’re a good size for travel.  I love the formula of the Formula X nail polish, although I was expecting a slightly different color.  I also really love the Bite lipstick mini in Beetroot – it’s my perfect reddish berry color in a great satin formula.



Then I picked up a ton of hair and body items from Ulta, along with a NARS sample set, with my birthday coupon, for a total of $69.12:



Urban Decay seems to be replacing the packaging on a bunch of products it had on sale, so I picked up the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bad Blood and the Afterglow Blush in TMI, along with the birthday gift, the Afterglow Highlighter in Sin and some samples, for $28.31.  I love the lipstick but I’ve already returned the blush because it was hard to get it to show up on my skin (but the return hasn’t gone through yet, so this counts for the total for this month).



Ulta had a sale later in the month, so I picked up a couple more things I actually needed for body and nails, as well as blotting sheets and razors (not pictured).  The total came out to $87.82.



I also got a couple of items from Amazon this month:

This comedone extractor kit for $8.89, because I’m a weirdo who loves to remove blackheads:


I got these magnetic squares for $7.99 to attach to my empty MAC palette because the magnetism is weird and my non-MAC eyeshadow pans wouldn’t stick to it.  It’s come in useful already for some eyeshadows I’ve depotted, and I like that they’re easily removable.



The total comes out to an insane $245.15, and it doesn’t even include something else I ordered that hasn’t arrived yet.  I’m also beginning to hit the upper limit of my budget, so I’m going to go on a no-buy until holiday sales this fall.  I doubt I will need anything before then.