When you have anything darker than medium-toned skin, it’s really hard to find a foundation that matches you exactly out of the bottle…leading to me accumulating several mixers to adjust the shade of my foundation.  Not just to lighten them if they’re too dark, but also to adjust the undertone, since it’s really, really rare that most brands get foundation undertones right for people who are darker than, like… Jessica Alba.  The tricky part is finding a mixer that adds a good amount of pigment without changing the finish of the base.  This is what I have accumulated:


  • Manic Panic Flawless Foundation and Color Corrector in Virgin White – This is part of my 17 in 2017 project, but I will probably throw it out at the end of the year regardless of whether I finish it or not because it will be over three years old by the end of the year and I can see it starting to separate a little bit.  This also changes the formulation of a foundation by mattifying it, so it’s not ideal, although I actually like the mattifying effect for foundations that are a little too dewy on me.
  • Makeup Forever Chromatic Mix Oil-Based in White – I prefer this to the Manic Panic mixer because it doesn’t change the formula.  This is super-duper pigmented; one drop can lighten something by an entire shade.
  • Makeup Forever Chromatic Mix Oil-Based in Blue – I bought this to desaturate and gray out foundations that are too peachy/orange.  It’s extremely pigmented – one drop with one pump of a medium-coverage foundation will gray it out significantly, which is why I try to use it only for super-duper orange foundations.  Half a drop is probably enough for me with one pump of foundation.
  • TKB Trading Liquid Concentrate in Glycerin in Lemon Yellow – I bought this after realizing that, while my skintone is yellow, it’s not super warm.  It’s one of two non-warm-toned yellow mixers that I’m aware of.  The color is a good match, but unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of the formula because it mattifies foundations and makes them almost gritty-feeling and tacky.  I’m looking out for a better yellow mixer, and possibly a green one, but for now, the white, blue, and yellow I have are workable with my existing foundations.