I’m making good progress on base products and think I can finish up a few products at the half-year mark.

Face Products: 


I don’t think I used the white mixer even once this month.  I can see it starting to separate so I will probably just throw it out at the end of the year.  I may be able to finish my custom foundation mix in the next month, depending on how amenable the weather is to wearing foundation.  I’m still digging into the crayon concealer because I really like it for my discoloration, but I’ll probably finish it in the next month.  It looks like I will also finish up the Watts Up, but I like it so I’ll probably scoop out whatever’s left and see what I can do with it.


This is decent progress on all of these – I’ll probably finish up the orange corrector in the next month.  Little pieces of the blush are also falling off, so I may re-press it once the pan reaches the rim all around.

Eye Products: 


It’s hard to tell, but I hit a teeny tiny pan at the bottom of the gel eyeliner!  I’ve also worn the L’Oreal HIP Cream Shadow paint more often this month than before.  I like it, but I will probably declutter at the end of the year because it’s so old + it’s easy to go overboard and look too gray on my eyes.  I also made some visible progress on the blue eyeliner pencil, and I’ve used the loose brown shadow pretty often but there just seems to be more of it every time I use it.  I really like it but I hate the loose powder formulation; I may try to press it into a pan.

Lip Products: 


I’ve worn each of these a few times, although obviously the most obvious progress is on the pink lipliner, which I hope to finish in the next month.  I wore topped it topped with Revlon Black Cherry (the bullet lipstick) as a stain – it’s hard to tell, but the bullet shape actually narrowed because I would rub my finger on it and then stain my lips.  I actually like it most as a sheer, buildable stain on top of lip balm; I may dump it into a tube and mix it with some lip balm or vaseline.